The Michael I. Jacobson Memorial Gomle Fund

In honor and loving memory of Michael I. Jacobson, brother of Chicago Jewish Funerals’ founder,  David I. Jacobson, we are proud to announce:
The Michael I. Jacobson Memorial Gomle Fund.

Everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances deserves a dignified burial. The Michael I. Jacobson Memorial Gomle Fund provides traditional Jewish burials for indigent people.

1961 - 2010
1961 – 2010

“My brother Michael’s contribution to the Jewish community will forever be remembered as we continue to follow his footsteps and light the path bringing those less fortunate home. In honor of my brother’s memory, I ask that all of us keep our beloved deceased’s perpetual light shining.”

– David I. Jacobson, Michael’s brother

Michael took much pride in his work as it offered him the unique opportunity to help, console, and serve people in their greatest time of need.  He was revered in the Jewish community for his charity, helpfulness, and willingness to volunteer his time to teach
local Jewish children about Jewish burial customs. He would often say, “It’s nice to be nice.”

Since July 2015, the State of Illinois legislators are still weighing every benefit and making decisions that may affect funeral services and burial costs for individuals who are public aid recipients, and who have no family to assist in the costs associated with their funeral and burial arrangements.  Without these dollars there may be more individuals left in county morgues, unclaimed, and sadly not given a proper burial with the dignity that everyone deserves.

By donating to The Michael I. Jacobson Memorial Gomle Fund you are helping to ensure that everyone, regardless of their economic situation, receives the dignified burial they deserve.

The Michael I. Jacobson Memorial Gomle Fund is NOT a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, therefore your contribution is not tax deductible.